EYEmergencyMD’s mission is to create a seamless system in which patients, emergency departments, eye provider’s offices, prisons, and military bases in need of acute eye care from board certified ophthalmologists have live 24/7 access to the best eye care providers – ophthalmologists/eye MDs.


We bring patients 24/7 acute eye care, without the need for costly, inefficient ER and urgent care visits


Live video calls allow us to remove barriers to eye care.

  • We provide efficient, direct access to patients with acute, non emergent eye issues to board certified ophthalmologists via computer or SmartPhone without the need for urgent care or emergency department visits.
  • Patients can see an ophthalmologist in 15 minutes at anytime of the day, without needing to travel, wait until the morning, or miss work
  • We're fully HIPAA compliant, save patients money and time, and also save time for our doctors

Our business model will bring live video teleophthalmology to businesses


Hospitals, urgent cares, & prisons

    • We equip emergency departments with software and staff training to facilitate real time examination of patients with eye issues via streaming video to our board certified ophthalmologists who can make diagnoses and treatment recommendations
    • We provide high priority and ready access to offices, hospitals, and clinics seeking well vetted, board certified surgical and non surgical ophthalmologists for temporary positions.

    How we plug into businesses...

    A specially trained ophthalmic tech will screen patients and record eye exams for our MDs to review. At any time, our board certified doctors can initiate a live streaming call if they need to communicate with a patient directly.


    Why clinics need us...

    Our after hours staffing model allows doctors who own private clinics to have an 8-5 lifestyle without needing to be on call. Our board certified, highly vetted ophthalmologists stand on call so that you don't have to, 24/7/365. 

    Private ophthalmology clinics

    • We transition eye provider offices from answering services to after hours office coverage by board certified ophthalmologists, freeing providers to enjoy life after their work day is complete
    • We can take calls, triage, diagnose, and treat patients in ways that your traditional answering service can't
    • We work seamlessly with existing answering services. When your patients call with a need for eye care, your answering service forwards the call to us instead of you.


    Tell us how you want to get involved!

    What we're looking for...

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    Rockstar Ophthalmologists

    - work from home
    - predictable work schedule
    - make a tangible difference

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    - expand your services
    - decrease your bottom line
    - create confidence in your consumer

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    - reap the benefits of getting in early
    - join a team that's disrupting an industry
    - help bring quality eye care to more people worldwide

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