Marc Vinson, MBA


After 13 years of experience as an entrepreneur with, 12 years of professional consulting experience, several capital raises under my belt, and experience with global business expansion and operations, I'm excited to contribute my skill sets to EMD.

  • Bachelor's in English with a double major in Sociology
  • Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Management
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Succeed or Don’t. You Choose!
— Marc Vinson

What are you passionate about?

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Travel, culture, business operations, learning, exploring, and pretty much anything that pushes me to the limit. If it's worth doing, it's probably worth overdoing, or I just don't do it!

What do you love most about EYEmergencyMD?

One of the most rewarding aspects about EMD is that this company has the opportunity to completely revolutionize the eye care industry.

What do you see EMD achieving in the next 5 years?

My vision is for EMD to be the go to service provider for all things acute for eye care. I envision EMD also serving a meaningful purpose for underserved communities globally--for those in rural and urban parts of the US, as well as those in need throughout target international locations.