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Jan, the CEO

Jan flew from LA to Boston on a late night flight, but she forgot her eyedrops. All it takes is a 15 minute visit with EYEmergencyMD to make sure she's the rockstar she always is when she walks into that boardroom.


Andy, the teacher

Andy loves his job as a teacher, and his free time is limited. He recognized the onset of pink eye, and rather than missing time at work, he's able to have a visit from the employee break room at his school--no time off work.

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Karen, the mom

Karen works full-time and has 2 kids. Her teenage son complains of eye pain on a school night. Karen's visit with EYEmergencyMD at 9:52 PM allows her young one to be at school on time and her to be at work the next morning.


Helen, the grandma

Helen hates when health issues get in the way time with her grandson. Instead of hauling herself and her grandson to the ER when she started having blurry vision, a visit with EYEmergencyMD can get her the diagnosis and prescription she needs without exposure to the unavoidable germs of an ER or urgent care facility.



Peter was born in a time where access to pretty much anything he wants from his mobile device. So when his eyes started tearing during spring break weekend, there is no time to waste heading to a doctor's office! A quick visit with EYEmergencyMD gets this guy back to his friends and keeps the party moving!