The perfect type of rural facility for EMD services


One of EYEmergencyMD's core values is to increase access to quality eye care. We seek to partner with health care centers and emergency rooms in rural communities without eye MDs to ensure access to high quality eye care screening and maintenance examinations. We bring care to the most convenient location for patients--their primary care facility or local hospital.

The expense and burden of traveling long distances for a 15-20 minute visit with a specialist has been replaced with on demand care by almost any type of specialty physician. The result is elevation of the level care and breaking down access barriers.

In the white paper entitled, “Anticipating Returns on Rural Telehealth,” published by NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association, the adoption of telehealth technologies in rural settings results in cost savings through transportation cost savings, lost wage savings, hospital cost savings, and increased revenue for local labs and pharmacies.


  • Lack of an eye physician within a 25 mile radius
  • Lack of ophthalmology coverage in the local emergency department 
  • Difficulty identifying providers willing to provide ophthalmic coverage for your patient population
  • High percentage of patient population with chronic diseases who are not receiving regular eye exams


EYEmergencyMD has partnered with leading telehealth software providers to offer the best in remote ophthalmology consultation. We provide 2/7/365 access to board certified ophthalmologists for acute eye care, routine eye care, retinal screening, and glaucoma screening. 

With equipment requiring only 75 square feet of space, we can certify you as an Acute Eye Care Center of Excellence.


If you would like to eliminate the gap in care for your patients or a local community with chronic diseases, use the contact form to connect with EYEmergencyMD. One of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our on boarding process is thorough and efficient and will have your facility up and running in no time.

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