The perfect type of HIV screening center for EMD services


EYEmergencyMD recognizes the lack of attention given to the ocular manifestations that go along with HIV and AIDS. This is alarming because 70% of this patient population will experience problems in and around their eyes. Some of these issues may not become apparent until vision is irreversibly compromised.

Adding our service to the place where this patient population feels most comfortable allows for increased compliance and improved quality of life through maintenance of good vision. Your center already attends to the vast majority of these health needs. The addition of eye care simply adds to this robust menu of services.


  • At least 75 square feet of space to house necessary equipment
  • Willingness to partner with us to certify and strategically market your HIV treatment center as an Acute Eye Care Center of Excellence
  • A pre-existing commitment to telemedicine or strong interest in starting a telemedicine program


EMD is closing the care loop for HIV patients and providing convenient access to eye care and screenings by board certified ophthalmologists. We want to shed light on, and respond to, what seems to be a lesser known complication of a compromised immune system and provide access to convenient, timely, expert care when and where patients need it.


Do you represent an HIV clinic or know someone who does? For HIV centers that would like to add vision services to their offerings and give patients an opportunity for long lasting visual satisfaction, connect with us below. An EMD representative will be in contact within 1 business day to get started with our thorough and efficient training and on boarding process. Together, we can help get HIV patients the quality eye care they need and deserve.

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