What drives us


When it comes to your vision, we want to be your first choice for care. For many, vision ranks above all else in a survey of what you'd most hate to lose. EYEmergencyMD was created to make it easy, fast, and affordable to see a top notch eye doctor 24/7.

Dr. Anika Goodwin
Founder & CEO

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What kept us up at night

The need

When I see other physicians, educated people who make decisions in the care of others, unsure where to go for eye care issues, the need for EMD becomes crystal clear. If physicians who guide others as they navigate the health care system, find identifying access to eye care when they need it a mystery, how do lay people feel? The necessities of maintaining good vision for your lifetime should not be a mystery. EMD makes eye care mainstream and puts it at the forefront where it belongs.


The solution

EMD takes down the brick and mortar barriers preventing access to acute eye care when and where you need it. As health care in general becomes more on demand, eye and other specialty care must follow suite. If you have a smart phone, and most people do these days, you can see an eye specialist for your eye issue. Sounds simple, yet profound!


When it feels this good, you know you're on to something great. We've crafted the best solution in eye care for patients & providers.


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Anika Goodwin, MD, FACS

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Founder & ceo

Anika was a little girl who grew up believing she could fix anything with a roll of tape, who then matured into a woman who still believes she can fix anything, just with a little more than a roll of tape. This is what led her to medicine and ultimately to be a surgeon. She is a lover of people with a servants heart. This is what drives her to look for solutions to the problems that affect more than just the patients in her direct care. She seeks to impact healthcare in a more global sense. EMD is that calling.  Now is her time!

When the idea for EMD came to me, I immediately knew that this would be my passion! From those tucked away in rural areas, to those left behind in foreign nations, to the insured and uninsured alike, I created EMD to change the nature of acute eye care delivery and access, one visit at a time.


Founder & coo

Marc was born and raised in a small town with a population less than 3,000. A place where the most exciting thing that happened all year was the Watermelon Festival where the locals competed to grow the largest melon. With nothing more than grit, determination, and a "'no' is not an option" type attitude, he's traveled, lived and conducted business in 19 countries, run a company for 13 years, advised hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them build dozens of products and enhance businesses on several continents.

From before he can remember, Marc’s always been extremely inquisitive. He always challenged authority and has never accepted status quo. Today, that same passionate and inquisitive demeanor allows him to pinpoint exactly what a business needs to achieve its goals and how to put it together.

Like all life changing moments, I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first heard about the EMD concept. I am helping to build EMD into an engine that will completely revolutionize an industry and deliver quality eye care to all.


Marc Vinson, MBA

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Meet the clinical team

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Dr. Anika Goodwin
CEO & Head of Medicine

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Dr. Kenya Williams

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Dr. Charlotte Akor


EYEmergencyMD is committed to quality eye care everywhere. That's why we license our clinicians across all 50 states.


Medical advisory board

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Marc Vinson, MBA
Executive Chairman
COO, EYEmergencyMD


Dr. Kurt Heitman
Medical Advisor


Chanda Littleton
Coding/Billing Specialist


Pankaj S. Raval
Legal Advisor
Carbon Law Group


Vikas Srinath
Investment Advisor
Carbon Law Group